Professional portrait and commercial photography.

Senior Portrait Info


How long does it take?

The average senior portrait session takes approximately 90 minutes. While this may be enough time for a seasoned model to photograph an entire portfolio with their hair/makeup and wardrobe crew, this generally provides enough time for our seniors to get in an outfit change, and often a second location (within a reasonable distance).

What do we get?

The $300.00 fee for our senior portrait sessions covers 60-120 mins of shooting time and creative direction on location. During that time we are able to craft roughly 50 creative images which are then professionally processed and retouched before being loaded to a private online gallery for your viewing. A personal print release is included with your digital image files so you may print at your will. Clients also receive access to our many artisan print options at a greatly discounted price.


What should i wear?

While your personal preferences ultimately determine what you should and will wear for your senior portrait session, there are a few things we can recommend. The location you choose for your session will help determine what you should wear. We’re happy to discuss this more with you once your session is booked and the location(s) chosen.

When can I expect my photos?

We pride ourselves on having insanely fast turn-around times. With that said, there’s a certain amount of time associated with the processing and retouching of the images that will end up in your gallery. We tell people it takes two weeks before they will receive their gallery but we often deliver them much sooner.




  • Bring a positive attitude! Nothing is more beneficial to a photo shoot than a positive attitude. We’re pretty easy going, so there’s never any reason to stress out. Stressed out? Give us a call - we’ll help you realize this whole senior photo thing is a piece of cake.

  • Wear outfits you’re comfortable in. When we say this, we mean don’t wear something you don’t like. If you don’t like the way you look in an outfit prior to being photographed, chances are you wont like the way you look in the images we create for you. Wearing the right outfit can inspire confidence that radiates in photographs.

  • Be on time. We generally work with a window of natural light that doesn’t last long. We encourage everyone to arrive a few minutes early and prepared, this way we don’t eat into the time we’ve set aside for you.

  • Avoid cliche. While cap and gown portraits are great for family and friends, we generally don’t encourage clients to invest too much energy or time into cap and gown shots with us - though we’re happy to include them if you let us know ahead of time.

  • Things to bring:

    • Hair brush/hair products

    • Mirror

    • Water

    • Second outfit (optional)

    • Lint-roller

  • Have fun!


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